Yes, we are #free2freelance

#free2freelance: a hashtag initiative for freelancers

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in a large number of freelancers no longer receiving requests for work, and sometimes projects already booked are being cancelled. Despite government support, many freelancers fear that they will soon be facing financial problems - promised loans may initially provide support, but in the long term they could become a considerable burden.
We initiated #free2freelance because we are convinced there is a lot to do despite the pandemic. We want to help and so we have created the hashtag #free2freelance, which connects freelancers and companies fast and without much effort.

What freelancers can do

Post the hashtag #free2freelance on your social media channels whenever you have free capacity. Every freelancer can use #free2freelance to make a public statement:
"I am free and open for project requests.”


I work...

  • as an HR Generalist / Interim Human Resources Director (employer branding, processes etc.)
  • as an HR Transformation Manager, to support Change (New Work, Agile, Tools, Ideas etc.)
  • in Talent Acquisition / Search & Selection / Recruiting (internal/external)

#free2freelance #changemanagement #hrtransformation #creative #versatilist #talentacquisition

This way, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, recruiters and sourcers can see directly in your profile on LinkedIn, XING, Twitter or Instagram etc. that you have time for projects. At the same time, clients can search for freelancers through social media with the hashtag #free2freelance (Boolean Search). For recruiters this reduces the risk of rejections and increases the probability of a positive result.

Important :

  1. Relevant information: Please always indicate in your profile if you are A) able to work remotely (equipped home office) and/or on site and if you are also B) interested in outside jobs (e.g. helping in soup kitchens, in hospitals, as harvest workers or similar). Your profile should also be meaningful in terms of your professional skills and experience.
  2. Accessibility: You should be "approachable"; check your profile settings and react as quickly as possible, within one to three days, to any requests (this also applies to cancellations).
  3. No capacity? Remove the hashtag: As soon as you have found a job and/or no more free capacity, remove the hashtag from your profile.

This is what we will do

We will promote the spread of this hashtag and the idea behind it, so that companies and human resource managers are informed that #free2freelance is a sign of free capacity among freelancers and the self-employed.

We cannot respond to project or placement requests from freelancers. This is a solidarity initiative that connects freelancers and companies directly without us mediating. Thanks for your understanding!

What you can do

Really everybody can help: use and share the hashtag #free2freelance and the idea behind it with all the freelancers, self employed people and entrepreneurs you know, to help as many people as possible, and use it in your search for freelancers with free capacities.

Example search:

Project Manager #free2freelance

Be more generous and open to cooperation with freelancers from industries that are particularly affected by the effects of the pandemic (e.g. artists, event & concert industry professionals etc.). Proactively keep in touch with freelancers from your network.
Thanks for your help!


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