Yes, we are #free2freelance

Why #f2fdeskselfie?

In order to make the #free2freelance even better known online we have launched #f2fdeskselfie. This hashtag allows you to present yourself in a unique way and helps you and your freelance colleagues get attention for their offer on social media. And most importantly: it helps to establish the #free2freelance amongst recruiters, HR experts and headhunters as a universal, free and searchable marker connecting freelancers to companies and projects that need support. This will help you to get jobs.
What’s not to like?

And it’s pretty easy to get involved. Show your desk or workspace to the world. From above or below, from left or right. No matter where it is… in the kitchen, in the basement or outside in the garden. No matter if neat and clean or with the dishes piling in the back. Just don’t hesitate, take a picture exactly at noon and share it together with the text shown below. Tag your favourite freelancer pals and ask them to do the same so the campaign hopefully spreads like wildfire. Have fun with it!

The post

We have created a long and a brief version of the text: copy the complete text template you want to use and fill in a) the person that nominated you, and b) the people you want to nominate. Tag everyone in your text (see how this works below).

Please always use the templates provided and never change the text –  just the names you want to fill in. We want to make sure that your post is traceable for recruiters and fellow freelancers. If you would like to add additional hashtags at the bottom of the text, pas de probleme, go ahead!

Long version (LinkedIn, Instagram, Xing, Facebook, etc.)

High noon at my desk today. @Walter White asked me to do a #f2fdeskselfie and nominated me as one of the best freelancers he enjoys to work with.

Today I‘m recommending: @Betty Blue, @Paul Pink and @Gerald Green who are gifted freelancers and really get the job done.  

I invite them to:
1. take a photo of their desks exactly at noon
2. copy this entire text
3. post it with their deskselfie-photo on linkedIn, twitter and/or Instagram
4. recommend at least three of their favourite freelance buddies.

Let’s create some buzz for all the freelancers struggling with the effects of covid19. This #f2fdeskselfie challenge was created to stand up for the large number of freelancers out there and to establish #free2freelance amongst recruiters, HR experts, headhunters and of course you, beautiful freelancers. This hashtag is a universal, free and searchable marker to connect freelancers to companies and projects that need support. #free2freelance can be used on any social media platform by anyone looking for freelance work. Find out more about the non-profit initiative at

Short version (Twitter, etc.)

High noon at my desk today. @WalterW asked me to do a #f2fdeskselfie and recommended me as a freelancer he enjoys to work with. I nominate @BettyBee, @Paulpink and @Geraldino. I ask them to do the same and recommend their favourite freelancers. #free2freelance

How to tag

Copy the entire text and fill in the names of the freelancers you want to nominate like this: type an "@" and then begin to enter their username (on Instagram, Twitter etc.) or their full name (on LinkedIn etc.). A list of names/usernames will pop up: select the person you’d like to tag by tapping their username. After doing that, their username will appear in bold type in your text, sometimes without the @.

Tagging someone creates a link to the profile of that person and they will receive a push notification. It is important that you tag your nominated freelancers correctly, because only then they will know that they have been nominated and can spread the #f2fdeskselfie challenge further.

Who can contribute

This is an initiative from freelancers for freelancers: all freelancers and self-employed professionals from any country can take part in this challenge; no matter if you work full time or part time as a freelancer in consulting, design, project management, event management, production or IT etc. But please do not nominate people who are permanently employed.

We ask that you always post in English, so that everyone understands your contribution.

Social media platforms

All social media platforms are suitable, but we currently focus on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. If you feel more comfortable using Facebook, XING, Pinterest or Dribbble feel free to do so. Once you’ve been nominated you can repost on any platform you like. You can also place several posts with different names on different days and different channels.

TikTok and Youtube: of course you are free to create a short film on the topic "High noon at my desk" instead of a photo. Please do not forget to use the text template if you decide to do so.

The photo

Take a photo of your desk or workplace that also says a lot about you, your profession and how you go about things. You may take a snapshot or arrange things typical for you and your work no matter if portrait, landscape or square. Feel free to do anything you like. The only mandatory: It should be noon(ish) when you take that photo.

Nevertheless here are some examples:


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